Sept 20, 2019

Structural Work to be Carried Out at The Transhipment Warehouse

We are excited to announce that the transhipment warehouse will be receiving some TLC. Structural works will be carried out by the Canal and River Trust during Oct and Nov. This should see the leaks in the roof fixed and provide a better and more ‘fit for purpose’ venue for future markets and events. Please come along and see the transhipment warehouse once the work has been carried out.

April 25, 2019

A Few Less Planks in the Wall

We’re making steady progress inside the Shed. We’ve recently had planning permission approved to remove a 1970s fitted wall and improve the electrics and lighting. See if you can guess if we’re putting it up or down :-)


Pink Floyd might have something to sing about?


April 10, 2019

Connie Come Home

Connie, being freed from the Transhipment Warehouse after nearly two decades. She’s headed for a new home on the Norfolk Broads.