Our volunteer historian is putting together a history of the transhipment warehouse

If you have any information you could give us, photos, dates, copies of documents etc. please get in touch.


Neil Holladay

Volunteer Historian

E: whaleycanal @ gmail.com

We are looking to fill in the blanks. Can you help?

We are looking to fill in the blanks. Can you help?


  • 1797 - Whaley Bridge Wharf and basin completed

  • 1801- The transhipment warehouse at the head of the Whaley Bridge Branch of the Peak Forest Canal was completed. Attributed to Thomas Brown, who was the Resident Engineer for the construction of the canal, it was originally a three-storey gritstone building

  • 1832 - Locomotive tramway reached Whaley Bridge from Cromford

  • 1914-1918 – The canal network was nationalised to help with the war effort

  • 1915 – Top floor of the transhipment warehouse was removed (no records have been uncovered as to why. Do you have any information that would help us understand the reason for this?)

  • 1920s - Peak forest tramway closed

  • 1970s and 80s – The basin and the transhipment warehouse were used for hire boats and the building and fitting out of boats under the Coles Morten name

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